Pizza to fill your soul

you have to taste it

We are baking pizzas so good they melt in your mouth!Book online or call 0113 232 3500

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Hulk Burger

ONLY £ 6.90

Homemade Cheese Burger wrapped in pizza bread

Premier Pizzas Chef

A native of the Italian city of Naples, Simon is one of the best pizzaioli in the US. Want a proof of that?

Actually, people flock from the bordering counties of the state just to try a slice of his signature Marinara pizza pie!

3 Pizzas 9" each


Kids Nuggets (4)

£3.50 with Pepsi

Donner Offer

2x Large

Donner Kebabs

2x Chips, 2 Chocolate

Fudge Cake

2X Soft Drink

£ 13.00

Meal Deal 1


Any 1/4Lb Burger,

Chips & Pepsi



£ 4.20

Meal Deal 2



Chips & Pepsi

Chilli or Garlic Sauce


£ 4.20

Meal Deal 3


9″ Pizza,

Chips & Pepsi



£ 5.20

Meal Deal 4


11″ Pizza,

Chips & Pepsi



£ 7.00

Meal Deal 5



2X11″ Pizzas



£ 10.50

Mized Boneless Box


Chicken Burger,

2 Chicken Strips,

Popcorn Chicken,

Chips & Pepsi

any sauce


£ 6.50

What people are saying about our restaurant

Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

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I’ve never tasted a pizza so good before, and this is coming from a New York native! With all of the richness of ingredients and flavors, their pizzas are a perfect treat!
posted on, TripAdvisor
While I was looking for a nice new pizzeria in the town, I’ve found the best one here! Their pizza variety is ultimate, inferior only to how awesome these pizzas taste!
posted on, foursquare
My kids just love the place, dragging me here time and again for a slice of their Spanish pizza. This place has both an outstanding menu and great pricing policy!
posted on, Yelp

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